Software-Based Access Control Explained

We are using Prodatakey Inc. as the example in this article! Have you ever wanted to know who enters your building? Perhaps youíve noticed suspicious behavior in your building and you want to know who enters and at what time without filtering through hours of CCTV...

What is Access Control?

Why Access Control is Important  “I terminated an employee and he left with our master key!” Disgruntled employees with access to your building can be a major liability; unfortunately, this is a situation in which many businesses find themselves. The first solution...

5 Tips on How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

From the revolutionary dawn of the internet to the waning use of the YellowPages, locksmith scams have been around since the Gordian Knot. Thriving off the ill informed, many of these companies have pierced the industry with misleading advertisement campaigns (paid...
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